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Lectra Presents its Vision for Apparel Manufacturing Industry in China, Highlighted Opportunities for Chinese Apparel Manufacturers

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Published on : Sep 24, 2015

One of the leading companies in integrated technology solutions, Lectra, which is dedicated to industries that use soft materials such as technical textiles, leather, fabrics, and composite materials has showcased its strategic vision for the apparel manufacturing industry in China during CISMA 2015, held in Shanghai, China.

The company emphasized on the opportunities and the challenges the Chinese apparel manufacturing industry is facing at present in context of the 10-year strategic plan: 'Made in China 2025', proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Government of China. The government’s initiative is aimed at helping the Chinese economy in developing its capacity for value-added production and smart industrial manufacturing.

The CEO of Lectra, Mr. Daniel Harari stated that the apparel manufacturing industry in China has driven the economy of this nation for the previous three decades, however the industry is currently facing an economic downturn, exponential rise in wages, and limitation of resources.

He further added that competitors in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bangladesh can contest China on the basis of cost, while developed nations such as the U.S., Japan, and Germany are way ahead of China in terms of technology. Chinese brands require to enhance their brand quality, value, and services if they want to stay in the run.

Five key areas identified by Lectra, which could be proved beneficial for Chinese apparel manufacturers are innovation, differentiation, collaboration, industrial excellence, and transformation. The firm also provided a clear understanding of the methods in which technology and marketing can help the Chinese apparel manufactures to reach these objectives.