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Leaked Emails Prove to be Challenging for Sony

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Published on : Dec 15, 2014

It has been revealed via leaked emails that there exists a cultural gulf between Sony Pictures Entertainment, the Hollywood subsidiary on the one hand and Japan’s Sony Corp on the other. This poses a major challenge to the CEO Kazuo Hirai to bring about positive changes in the loss making company under the One Sony slogan. 

Over the past six years, this has been the fifth net loss for the Japanese conglomerate which will naturally raise questions about the capacity of this company to carry on with businesses ranging from manufacturing TV sets to films and movies. Daniel Leob, the activist hedge fund investor has suggested doing away with the entertainment segment; but the masses however feel that the company should also do away with its TV manufacturing segment which is proving to be a rather weak product line.

Hirai who is a bilingual has had experience in both the segments that pertain to the music business on the one hand, and the video games business on the other. Interestingly, he is also considered to be one of those few executives who have the capacity in themselves to bring together the film making cultures of Hollywood and Tokyo.

The emails as mentioned earlier were leaked in the previous month by a team that had gone against the latest film “The Interview” that is a comedy which has been criticized for showing the assassination of an eminent leader in North Korea. The leakage of the emails was preceded by a cyber attack which was on Sony’s computer systems. 

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