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Latin America Feminine Hygiene Products Market Rises with Increasing Spending on Personal Hygiene Products

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Published on : Jun 15, 2016

At present, rising awareness about personal hygiene and adoption of a healthy lifestyle is leading to an increased demand for feminine hygiene products in Latin America. These products are vitally important for women to be used during menstruation and for other bodily discharge. Due to the increasing consumer awareness about the availability of premium products for feminine hygiene, it has created a positive impact on the Latin America feminine hygiene products market.

There are several reasons for the rapid expansion of the Latin America feminine hygiene products market. An increasing number of women in the workforce is a major factor driving this market. Economic growth and urbanization in Latin American countries have also been reasons for the adoption of newer personal care products, which includes feminine hygiene products as well. Women in Latin America are spending heavily on premium quality toiletries to be at par with their Western counterparts.

Increasing product innovation, wherein a range of products are available to serve consumers from different economic groups has also helped the growth of this market. Latin America has a large middle-class population, which is steadily moving towards adoption of newer products for personal hygiene and body care. The availability of products for budget-conscious consumers is also favoring the sales of feminine hygiene products in this region.

The increasing number of sales channels for feminine hygiene products has also favored the growth of this market. The rising ubiquity of retail sales channels such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, and specialty beauty stores has made the availability of these products to the common consumer like never before. Product manufacturers are also using discrete packaging to address the social stigma attached to the purchase of these products. This explains the strong demand for ultra-thin sanitary pads, which are inconspicuous and easy to use.

Brazil leads the Latin America feminine hygiene products market to be followed by Argentina. Consumers in Brazil show a strong demand for sanitary products; they prefer premium sanitary products over general products such as tampons, shields, and pantiliners. To keep up with the changing demand, manufacturers are consistently launching new products for leakage protection and added comfort.