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Lamborghini Huracan Zhong Launched at Guangzhou Auto Show in China

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Published on : Nov 23, 2015

The Guangzhou Auto Show in China’s Guangdong province saw the launch of the Lamborghini Huracan Zhong. The Zhong is a limited edition model of Huracan to felicitate ten years of presence of Lamborghini in China. In terms of the nomenclature, Zhong is the short name for ‘Zhogguo’, which is the Chinese name for China. 

The limited edition cars will only be 50 in number in colors of red, black, or yellow. As stated by spokesperson at the auto show, it is one of the weirdest China-special that has been thought of and executed.

This is only because the car is a standard Huracan, which does not have any special design or function features. The exterior as well as the interior colors are available n any other Huracan. As a distinguishing feature of the limited edition Huracan Zhogguo, there is a choice of either the louvers or the transparent engine cover and the tires are available in standard size. As further stared by Lamborghini spokesperson, the pipes and alloys of the limited edition model are extra shiny, however, the feature is available on any other Huracan. 

As per the limitation of the car, it does not carry any special edition badges. Neither anywhere inside or outside the vehicle. So there is no way, it can be proved it a Zhong, and not any other standard Huracan, There isn’t any way. 

On the price point, the limited edition Huracan Zhong cost less than the standard Huracan. This has never been seen earlier for a limited edition vehicle. The price of a standard Huracan is US$680,000, whereas, the Zhong is priced at only US$550,000. This is indeed a cheap special edition, as stated by experts at the auto show.

However, Lamborghini isn’t admitting that it charges far too much. Or that the company can’t have too many non-special examples. Special editions are meant to be rare and extremely expensive, neither of which is the Zhong.

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