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Korean Automotive Company Manufactures Chainless E-bike

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Published on : Jun 29, 2015

Mando, a Korean company that manufactures automotive parts has developed Mando Footloose IM, an electric bike, , which is referred as an electric car equipped with two wheels. Since 1962, the company has been manufacturing automotive parts and now switching to electric bikes) e-bikes), which are called as smart, personal mobility.

As commented by executive director, smart personal mobility division at Mando, the company is seeking to develop a completely new class of personal urban transport. The company has plans to develop new ways for people to move around, mainly in urban areas that have transportation problems- pollution, traffic, fuel costs, parking etc. 

He also commented that the company envisions the next generation of transportation solutions to take into account technology to work in cars or bikes for the desired level of convenience and efficiency for consumers.

E-bikes are known to be in existence since 1880s, the first known patent known to be available from 1895.

As per Navigant Research, 47 million e-bikes are expected to be sold all over the world with China to make up for 42 million sales and account 895 of the market share. In achieving these numbers, e-bike will become the largest number of electric vehicles to be sold in present times. 

The growth projections of these vehicles is strong and is estimated to generate US$11.9 billion by 2018. In Europe, the top five countries that were in for e-bike sales are Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, and France, with Germany itself accounting for more than half of the market. 

The basic difference between Mando Footloose IM and other e-bikes is the chainless design. In the traditional design, e-bikes have a chain that transmits the energy to power the bike. In the Footloose type, as the rider pedals the bike’s lithium-ion battery is charged.