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Key Facts about the New Lenovo’s Google Smart Display

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Published on : Jul 27, 2018

Lenovo’s Google Smart Display Goes on Sale today, and sure enough it looks much like an Android tablet, with an inbuilt Google Assistant. The device handles visual feedback for audio commands, giving lightweight visual context for some queries and more robust video/photo content for others.

More Details about the New Lenovo’s Google Smart Display

A pleasant product that strikes all of the right notes on design, the device comes in two versions - a $249 10-inch 1080p version and a $199 8-inch 720p version. There aren’t any differences beyond the screen size between both models, so it really depends on where the users are keeping it. Most actions are refreshingly thought out, like searching and progressing through recipe instructions, and other similar stuff.

The Smart Display is fundamentally a Google Home device that can also communicate to users through visuals. Users won’t see anything that resembles a full app on the device, and they also will never see a menu button. The onscreen content is just an added perk. For more informational queries, it can be useful to see what a person looks like, if users want to ask Google who they are. The device can be useful to see a five-day weather forecast too. Google has been doing some work in stringing commands together or adding support for follow-up questions in some contexts. For example using the Lenovo’s device, while progressing through the steps of a recipe, users need to keep saying ‘Hey Google, next’, in order to view the successive steps.

Routines are great on the Smart Display. Saying, ”Hey Google, good morning,” will turn on my lights, tell users about their meetings for the day, showcase the weather and their commutes, and give a brief rundown of the news. Overall, the Display device is very beautiful and better-looking device than any Home product that Google has shipped, along with highly useful features too.