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Just Beverages Receives Approval from Town Board for Water Extraction Operations

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Published on : Apr 22, 2015

Queensbury based beverage company, Just Beverages recently took a step on Monday, wherein the company aims at bettering its local water activities and operations. This happened when an approval was received from the Town Board to allow the company to change the language of the zoning code. This change will enable the Planning Board of the town to commence the review of the site plan of the upcoming project. 

The planning town board has also added that it is alright if water extraction operations are carried out by the company in the area of the property of the Butler Pond Road. The company can easily draw water and can also add the “water extraction” definition in the structure of the zoning code language. This change has given the town a chance to regulate and manage the operations. The regulations established by the town and also the definitions happen to be even more stringent and strict than the regulations of the Dept of Environmental Conservation and Dept of Health implemented on the market for bottled water. 

Senior officials have also stated that the language used is by far the most restrictive in nature. The approval for the change was earlier received from Adirondack Park Agency that permitted the town’s planning board to commence the review of the site plan. There were several who opposed the project as well wherein they asked the planning board to postpone and in a way delay the voting activity on the change of zoning till a certain legal agreement was reached by between Just Beverages and the Queensbury Land Conservation Coalition group which comprises fifty opponents.