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Joint Collaboration between Internet Companies and Vehicle Manufacturers in China to Design and Develop Smart Cars

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Published on : Mar 31, 2015

A few of the prominent car manufacturers in China, namely Chery Automobile Co., BAIC Motor Corp., and SAIC Motor Corp Ltd. have plans of developing smart cars. For this, these aforementioned companies have collaborated with Internet firms for going ahead with this project. There are several speculations with regard to intelligent vehicles and smart cars. 

Furthermore, latest reports state that the stock prices of smart vehicles have risen substantially in the China stock market over the last three months. As per sources, there has been an increase in stock prices by a whopping 106.44%. A senior official at the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Dong Yang has laid stress on the fact that the connection of vehicles along with Internet is the latest trend that has the market charged up immensely. According to Yang, this will have a positive impact on driving in the long run. 

Steve Man, an auto analyst stated that smart cars are developed so that drivers can come up with informed decisions, since smart vehicles enable the smooth interaction between the environments coupled with real time traffic information. Several Chinese auto manufacturers are trying to make the most of this golden opportunity to expand substantially in the industry and also bring about a positive development in their respective businesses. 

Such vehicles will soon become dual way data sharing terminals, via which passengers and drivers can easily have access to information, and also make the most of the internet service offered to them. In addition, the internet access that will be provided to passengers and drivers can easily be transformed into revenue. 

Owing to the absence of language barriers, there is clear understanding between Chinese internet firms and Chinese automobile manufacturers, which ensures that agreements are reached upon with much ease. This very concept of smart cars is a rather unique opportunity that internet firms to develop models of cars right from scratch and majority of the companies are in agreement.