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Published on : Mar 19, 2015

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., one of the subsidiaries of Johnson & Johnson, has announced it today that it has completed the acquisition of XO1 Limited, which is a privately held virtual biopharmaceutical company. The asset-centric company was founded to expand research and development activities related to an anti-thrombin antibody ichorcumab. The financial terms and conditions of the deal have not yet been disclosed.

Ichorcumab is a recombinant anti-thrombin human antibody which is developed for mimicking the activities of a human antibody that appears for producing an anticoagulated state without a tendency to bleeding.

Ichorcumab is said to have provided an excellent complement to Janssen’s cardiovascular drugs portfolio. Considering Janssen's leading position in the fields of biologics and anticoagulation, the company is well positioned for exploring the potential of the highly anticipated next generation anticoagulant.

The opportunity for bringing Ichorcumab to Janssen’s portfolio was identified and assisted by Johnson & Johnson Innovation, London. 

The acquisition shows how the company’s global innovation strategy can become an enabler of a local, practical approach capable of supporting the regional life science ecosystems. It will help Janssen in gaining an entry to the on the most exciting science present in the world and will provide the company an access to many breakthrough products in a variety of areas of strategic interest. 

Ichorcumab had been initially developed by Cambridge University and Cambridge University Hospitals with help from Cambridge Enterprise, Cambridge University's commercialization department. License to the technology was granted to XO1 Limited by Cambridge Enterprise so as to make its development towards the clinic possible. XO1 Limited was formed by Index Ventures, through a fund launched in 2012. Johnson & Johnson Innovation is an investor in the fund.