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Israel Announces Commencement of Construction of Fence Along Jordan Border

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Published on : Sep 07, 2015

The work on the construction of the fence to be installed on the Israel- Jordan border started on this Sunday, nearly a month before the date earlier planned. It is being said that the construction will continue for nearly a year.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday, while he was speaking about the fencing of the borders, that what happens to the countries who lose control of their borders is widely evident. It seems that the Israeli Prime Minister was referring to the massive invasion of refugees from the war-disturbed African and Middle Eastern parts into European countries in the past days.

The Ministry of Defense of the country moved up the date of commencement of the fencing project, apparently because of the fear of the potential penetration of global jihadists from Jordan.

Defense personnel from Israel have stated that the construction of the new airport at Timna needed special preparations, since the perimeter will be only about 200 meters away from the border.

In the first phase of the project, the cost of the construction of the fence bordering the Israeli border, which will cover a stretch of 30 kilometers, will be nearly 300 million shekels or US$76.4 million.  If a fence is required to be built along the entire Israel-Jordan border will cost nearly 3 billion shekels.

After the project of construction of the fence was approved by the Israeli cabinet in June, it was also announced that the fence will in no way undermine the sovereignty of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan.

The speed with which the plan was formulated by the military and the speed with which the government had approved it indicate that Israel is in hurry to surround its borders completely with the help of physical barriers. Till now, the border between Jordan and Israel was the only land border of Israel that was not reinforced with the help of a fence

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