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Is It Advisable to Start a New Career in the Oil Industry?

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Published on : Feb 25, 2015

The workforce at several oil industries are being laid off left and right due to the current plight of the global oil industry. With the price of oil just rated under $50 a barrel on Tuesday, the question remains that is the situation scaring most of them away from applying the energy industry? 

But Tony Cedrone reports that despite the fact that it is a difficult time for oil workers to work in the industry, it should not discourage the new entrants from starting their career in the oil and gas industry. 

With all the uncertainty at present it is very scary as to what the state will be in the future, says McMurry Training Center’s Paul Nash.

Certainly, the falling oil prices are to be blamed for all the recent lack of interest and lay-offs in the oil industry, says the experts. However, they also added that there are still jobs available in the oil industry. 

In the recent past, McMurry has not witnessed a lot of applicants for the oil and gas training program. If there is no job available in this industry as of now due to the slow growth in the oil and gas, any other type of skill that could be aligned toward this field in order to get the job could be a great idea, says Nash. He also observes many oil field workers take up various training programs such as welding, heavy equipment operation and carpentry to get jobs in the oil and gas industry. If one has not learned a skill, it is time to get some education as a good alternative, says Nash. Education in the form of a 4-year or 2-year degree could be achieved by going to college, said owner of Kirkwood Oil and Gas. 

Many grants are still available at the McMurry Training Center; hence there should be no room for disappointment or discouragement for those who are looking to take a new career path.