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Is Diabetic Population Less Prone to Cardiovascular Problems by Receiving Flu Vaccine?

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Published on : Jul 26, 2016

As per a recent study conducted by Imperial College London, the individuals suffering from diabetes if injected with a flu vaccine have less chances of developing a respiratory or a cardiovascular problem. A public health researcher, named Dr. Eszter Vamos along with this colleagues examined data from seven years on approximately 125,000 individuals in England having type 2 diabetes. These diabetic patients are suffering are either obese or aged. 

The vaccination is said to result in 30% less hospital admission in case of stroke, less than 22 % in case of heart failure, and 15% less in case of influenza or pneumonia. As per this study, it has also been indicated that severe cases of chest infections may also result in strokes and heart attacks. In addition, these researchers also concluded that majority of the severe complications of influenza take place in geriatric population as well as in individuals suffering from asthma, diabetes or heart disease. 

For understanding the ways the flu vaccines may impact the odds of death and hospitalization for diabetic patients, these researchers have scrutinized the data on the smoking status, weight, gender, and age of patients. They have also pondered upon if a patient was prescribed or diagnosed with a condition for a number of other medical ailments. These records were gathered in both summer months i.e. when the cases of influenza are lesser and also during the flu season.

As per the result of this research, the individuals who received the vaccination for flu experienced 24% lower death rates in case of all causes within the study period. In addition, these individuals also experienced lower hospitalization rate. However, this difference wasn’t that significant to rule out the probability of it occurring by chance. The key limitation of this study was that researchers were unable to find out the probability of certain individuals having an undiagnosed diabetes. The people who are vaccinated are far healthier in a number of other ways in comparison to individuals skipping their yearly flu vaccine can also be a possibility. 

Thus, as a result of this study, it has been concluded that overall the individuals getting vaccinated do benefit in the long run. In addition, it has also been indicated that the individuals suffering from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases have a greater probability of suffering flu complications, as put in this study. Thus, the primary thing to target upon is to prevent the occurrence of flu at the first place amongst people having chronic conditions and this can be done by getting the vaccine for influenza.