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Internet of Things Next Business Line for Large Corporations, Microsoft’s Cloud Platform Goes Live for IoT Network Assistance

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Published on : Feb 05, 2016

Information Technology is well recognized as the backbone of a majority of businesses in current times. Following this, the buzz is around Internet of Things (IoT). It has been characterized by high-value returns for economic and social causes, the reason it is the next business line for large corporations. Microsoft has already made a mark with its cloud platform, Azure now live for the connection and management of IoT devices. Microsoft’s intent is to help businesses assist deployment of IoT networks.

The Internet of Things is a complex maze of several types of objects ranging from buildings, devices, and vehicles to name a few. In the network, each object is geared with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity for the purpose of information influx and outflux. Collection and interpretation of data at each of the interconnected objects offers a valuable intelligence for business planning and decision-making purposes. 

With the evolution of IoT, the devices used have evolved hand in hand. That IoT has emerged as the next big thing for analytical examination of real-life problems; selection of devices that support this state-of-the-art technology have paramount importance. Top companies in the world that are in the IoT devices business are Carrier, Nest Labs, Sony, Saint-Gobain, Ingersoll-Rand, Samsung, PPG Industries, Honeywell, Motorola, DuPont, Ecobee, LG, Pebble, and AGC Group. 

Practically suitable to interconnect any type of objects, IoT devices are mostly used in the commercial sector, viz. businesses, healthcare, and factories. So much so, it is the home based applications of IoT that grabbed media’s attention in the recent past. The reason is installation of smart object facilitates inventory tracking, enhancing efficiency, managing machine operations, saving costs, and even saving lives. The rewards of smart devices are manifested in minuscule devices as small as a grain of sand. Computers size of a grain of sand or smaller can be injected or sprayed either to detect problems in the human body or to measure chemicals in soil. 

On a bigger utilization of smart devices, fixed and mobile sensors if installed across a city can send pictures of happenings everywhere in real-time, which can help detect crisis on time and react accordingly.