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Intel Plans to Buy Internet-connected Gadget Chips Manufacturer Lantiq

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Published on : Feb 02, 2015

Intel is seeking to expand its range of integrated circuit (IC) chips used in gadgets connected by the internet. Latest news confirms about the company’s plans to do so. 

It is being said that Intel is seeking to buy Lantiq, the German company that manufactures network chips, for an undisclosed sum of money in a move to expand its chip-portfolio for internet-connected devices and gadgets. A report published by both the companies state this. 

Lantiq, formerly known as Infineon, was bought by Golden Gate Capital, private equity firm, in 2009 for an amount nearing US$280 million (250 million euros). Companies like Deutsche Telekom also invested in Lantiq through Golden gate.

A exponentially rising trend, often referred to the Internet of Things, has become the new ground for battling for their consumers for companies like Qualcomm, Intel, and many other technological giants.

Internet of Things is the technology that adds internet connection to literally any device such as industrial machines, household devices or sports equipment such as soccer balls.

Analysts state the craze for connecting things to the internet will rise at such a pace that the number of wireless devices or gadgets will become twofold or even more by the end of this decade. Most of the growth for the market will come from devices other than smartphones and computers, according to market researchers.

Along with the chips for internet-connected gadgets, Lantiq also manufactures chips for fiber, copper and hybrid connections, as well as for Wi-Fi and mobile broadband. The company sells the chips mostly to telecommunication carrier equipment and broadband access companies. 

Technology companies are heavily investing in the field of internet-connected smart homes to tap the huge prospects presented by the idea of a smart home where all devices are connected to the internet and to each other through internet.