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Intel Announces Data-driven Innovations at CES 2018

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Published on : Feb 01, 2018

At the opening keynote of CES 2018, Intel treated the audience with a remarkable range of data-driven innovations. Intel highlighted how data is bringing about a change in the world and steering the next wave of technological innovations, which ranges from autonomous driving to artificial intelligence to virtual reality.

Intel unveiled a host of innovations and developments for autonomous driving. This included Intel’s 100-car test fleet, announcement of new collaborations with NavInfo and SAIC Motor to expand crowdsourced map building to China, and disclosing that BMW, Volkswagen, and Nissan are moving Mobileeye-based mapping designs to actual deployments.

Future Technologies Conjoined with Real-time Data to Amplify Everyday Experience

Regarding the future of artificial intelligence, Intel announced an alliance with Ferrari North America. The partnership would involve the latter to use Intel’s artificial intelligence technologies to procure data from the racetrack to amplify the experience for drivers and fans.

In immersive media, Intel announced the coming up of newly setup Intel Studios and made the announcement Paramount Pictures will be the first major studio in Hollywood to explore this technology. Paramount Pictures’ association with Intel will be a prelude for the future of immersive media for next generation of visual storytelling.

Going ahead, Intel reiterated how data is going to bring about social and economic changes that are usually experienced once or twice in a century. Data is not only the phenomenon today, but it will be the basis for innovations in the future. Data will redefine how we experience things in life – at work, during travel, in our homes, and sports and entertainment pursuits.