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Innovative Tube Packaging to Drive the Global Tube Packaging Market

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Published on : Jan 25, 2016

A tube is a cylindrical and hollow type of container that is made up of either aluminum, plastic, or with a paperboard. This tube is primarily used for holding viscous liquids including a toothpaste, adhesive, or an ointment. During the process of manufacturing as well as during filling the tube, both the ends are created in a different way. Moreover, there is an oval orifice made at one side of the end of the tube that can be closed either by caps or closures. The other end of the tube is sealed or folded after adding the contents. All the tube packaging containers are customized and extruded with slicing, labeling, printing, punching, crimping, and other fabrications so as to create an innovative and functional package.

A substantial growth has been observed in the global packaging industry along with excellent barrier properties, unique packaging style, and increasing demand for sustainable packaging are the key factors responsible for boosting the demand for tube packaging in the global market in the next few years. 

In addition, the tube packaging style has a diversity of applications among different industries that has fuelled the growth of this market. On the flip side, the global tube packaging market is expected to witness cut throat competition, thanks to a large number of manufacturers operating in this market. As a result, most of these players are opting proper business strategies so as to make sure high growth in the market.  Many players are expanding their product portfolio, the introduction of innovative packaging style, mergers and acquisitions, and partnerships, to create a niche for themselves in the global tube packaging market. Unpredictability in the raw material prices and global economic meltdown are two key factors that are expected to hamper the growth of the global tube packaging market in the next few years. 

Some of the major players that are operating in the global market for tube packaging are Albea Group, Sonoco Products Company, Visipak, Essel Propack, Unette Corporation, Amcor Limited, Huhtamaki OYJ, Worldwide Packaging, and Montebello Packaging. Analyzing the high growth of the market, many new players are expected to participate in this market in coming years.