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Innovative Sterilization Station for Surgical Instruments to Control Hospital Acquired Infections

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Published on : Mar 28, 2016

In healthcare facilities, sterilization equipment and disinfectants are essential for infection control. The growing prevalence of hospital acquired infections or HAIs have led medical professionals to stress on the usage of sterilization equipment and disinfectants. Sterilization equipment and disinfectants are extensively used to sterilize pharmaceutical components, medical instruments, and laboratory equipment. While the rise in per capita health expenditure has propelled the growth of the global sterilization equipment and disinfectants market, the shifting trend towards the utilization of disposable medical devices is expected to hamper the market growth in the coming years. The excise duty imposed on medical device manufacturers across certain countries will also negatively impact the overall market growth. The global sterilization equipment and disinfectants market has a huge opportunity to grow with an increasing patient pool in the emerging economies. 

Researchers Develop “Sterile Box” for Use in Low-Resource Settings

To minimize the risk of infections to patients, especially in low-resource settings, researchers at the Rice University have developed a sterilization station for surgical instruments. The steel shipping container consists of a water system for decontamination and a solar-powered autoclave for steam sterilization. Though autoclaves are standard across all modern hospitals, they are badly needed in low-resource settings. Termed as Sterile Box, the system’s performance was nearly perfect in trials to prepare surgical instruments for safe reuse. The sterilization station would be particularly helpful for medical facilities in the developing economies where the prevalence of surgical-site infections is high due to improperly maintained or malfunctioning sterilization equipment. 

In the coming years, more such innovations are required to control the spread of hospital-acquired infections particularly due to the lack of sterilization equipment and disinfectants. With various government regulations mandating the usage of sterilization equipment and disinfectants across medical facilities in developing countries, the global sterilization equipment and disinfectants market is anticipated to register a robust growth.