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Innovative Batteries to Add Bluetooth Capabilities to Power Tools

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Published on : Jan 21, 2016

Power tools are said to be one of the biggest boons of technology to the mankind. These tools, essentially performing the same functions as manual tools, but in a much efficient and quick manner, are used across a number of industries and for a large number of applications. Even households these days have battery or motor powered tools such as hand drills and screw drivers.

Motor or battery powered versions of common industrial tools such as lathes, polishers, sanders, joiners, saws, and pneumatic torque wrenches are commonplace across industries these days. By reducing the amount of time required in completing a task, leveraging the potential of a number of tools and thereby of a variety of operations and processes, the global market for power tools has helped improve profitability and increase productivity of a number of industries. The market is witnessing significant development and a steady growth over the past few years. The market is also seeing product innovations at a fairly decent pace, but until now, innovations in the market were mostly aimed at improving aesthetics and features of products.

A recent innovation in the market is actually one that seeks to take the market to a new level – a level of smartness. Black+Decker, the American company known for its vast product portfolio of a variety of power tools, hardware, and accessories, has introduced a new range of power tool batteries, named Smartech, that can add Bluetooth capabilities to the power tools.

With the help of a mobile app specially designed to operate with these batteries, the user is granted the capability of managing a number of these batteries at once, view a list of the Smartech batteries that are being used across a variety of Black+Decker power tools in the Bluetooth’s range, check the percentage of charging left on a battery, enable or disable some or all of the batteries, all through a Bluetooth connection.

The Smartech batteries also come with inbuilt USB ports that can be used to charge a smartphone or a mobile device, which essentially converts the battery into a portable battery backup for other gadgets as well. The batteries are expected to hit the market by the middle of this year and will cost US$69 each.