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Industry Automation to Severely Crush Demand for Personal Protective Equipment

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Published on : Sep 22, 2016

Increased workplace accidents is leading to a heightened demand for personal protective equipment (PPE). Incidents such as the Soma mine accident has led to an increased focus on workplace safety. Worker safety across industries such as construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals have become mandatory and this is driving the market for personal protective equipment across the globe. Thus, hearing protection, protective clothing, eye and face protection, head protection, respiratory protection, and protective footwear are increasingly being purchased by industries across the globe for the protection of their workers and preventing any accident, including loss of life. Rise in government regulations regarding worker safety is another factor driving the global personal protective equipment market.

Increasing Automation across Industries to Crush Demand for Personal Protective Equipment

Automation is a trend that has taken several industries under its wing. Be it automotive, power, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor, or manufacturing industry, automation is being adopted increasingly to save time and increase operational efficiency. This is expected to severely reduce the demand for personal protective equipment as automation reduces the number of workers required. 

Another factor challenging the growth of the personal protective equipment market is the availability of low quality and cheap PPE.  The premium personal protective equipment face tough competition from these local products and this impacts the growth of the market. 

Existing Business Utilities Concentrate on Worker Safety as Accidents Continue to Occur

The rising awareness about workplace safety and strict government regulations are propelling the growth of the personal protective equipment market. The demand for these products will continue to rise owing to the increasing number of accidents. As such, the existing business utilities as well as the upcoming businesses are adopting personal protective equipment to comply with safety norms laid by government and other bodies.