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Indian Ride Hailing App to Enrich Fleet with Electric Vehicles

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Published on : Apr 16, 2018

Indian cab aggregator Ola, which is backed by Softbank Group of Japan, has announced adding around 10, 000 electric three-wheelers to its fleet to do its bit for the environment. The addition will be done over the next 12 months.

In line with the government of India’s vision to replace the existing fossil fuel powered vehicles on road with electric vehicles which have zero carbon emission, the cab hailing app intends to have around 1 million electric vehicles by 2021. It has expressed its interest to work with different state governments and manufacturers of vehicles and batteries to that end.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems hell bent in promoting electric vehicles, beginning with public transport and taxis, to contain the surging vehicular pollution and cut back oil imports. By 2030 he intends to completely supplant the petrol and diesel powered vehicles plying roads into electric.

Details of Plan Yet not Known

At present Ola vehicles are operating in 110 cities with more than a million driver partners. The can aggregator has said it would roll out electric three-wheelers in three cities but has not named those. Normally, the three wheelers are popular in smaller cities. Ola also has not announced from where it would get its supply of three wheelers, if those would be purchased by the company or owned by the drivers. It hasn’t yet provided a detailed plan on when it plans to introduce them too.

Ola already has tested the waters in this direction by launching a pilot project the previous year in Nagpur, a city in western India. However, drivers called it quits and returned to their fossil-fuel powered cars when on account of long waits at charging stations.