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Indian Pharma Natco to Aim for US Generic Drug Market

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Published on : Apr 10, 2015

The imminent patent expiration for the multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has attracted attention of generic drug makers across the world. Among all the competitors for the generic drug in the US, Natco Pharma Ltd the Indian generic drug maker has appeared as a major bidder. The Indian generic drug maker is otherwise quite infamous in the Indian pharma market for employing strategy for patent-challenging that are of high intensity.

Natco along with its partner company Mylan NV are expected to be among the first to receive approval from FDA with Copaxone to start rolling in the market in the next six months. The patent for the multiple sclerosis drugs is ending this September as per a recent decision from the US Court decision.

Nearly half of the revenue for Teva is generated from Copaxone accounting to US$4.2 billion for sales in 2014. Many of the generic drug makers are vying to receive patent for the drug for multiple sclerosis by September. Some of the bidders are Novartis AG, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories and its partner Synthon, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, and Sandoz Inc. 

The vice-president of Natco predicts to make atleast US$50 million in sales in the first year itself if it enters the Copaxone market prior to other competitors. Novartis Sandoz expressed interest about providing a high quality and affordable generic drug for multiple sclerosis patients. The company did not give any details for timing or any strategy for the release of the drug.