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India Stands In Second Position After China Recording 995 Million Mobile Phone Connections

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Published on : Mar 19, 2015

The Lok Sabha of India was informed that the nation having a huge population of 1.20 billion has recorded 995 million mobile phone connections. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Telecom Minister stated that the figure is a reflection of the huge number of mobile phone connections that are spread all over the country.

During the questions round he stated that in the last year India had around 300 million internet connections stands in second position after China; however the figure is more than the United States. In terms of smart phones, India is just a bit behind of the US. 

The Telecom Minister further informed that the Ministry of Telecom was starting with a new division as (TDIL) Technology Development for Indian Languages program having objectives regarding research and development of software tools that are application for Indian languages, language technologies, and proliferation of language technology solutions and products. In addition to that, the program will be also involved in developing applications and tools for inter-operability and increase the standard of linguistic resources. 

The Minister further stated that the Technology Development for Indian Languages (TDIL) program comprises of CDs that has software fonts and tools for 22 Indian languages that are constitutionally recognized. These CDs have been made accessible in public domain through the portal. This technology has encouraged the Indian citizens to increase the use Information and Communication Technology in their own language. In addition, many technologies, Indian language tools, linguistic resources and standards that are developed under the TDIL program are available, which include monolingual search engines, optical character recognition, Sanskrit tools, machine translation, and text to speech among others.