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India Government to Offer Legal & Educational Services to the Foreigners

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Published on : Aug 24, 2015

To boost the country’s medical and legal services, Indian government has planned to offer relevant services to the foreigners. Initially, the education sector is planning to offer online courses to the foreigners. Indira Gandhi National Open University is scheduling to assist the Indian government to support the cause. Professional bodies and local players from the legal services sector also plan to contribute in the initial stages. Rita, the commerce secretary, said that support from such reputed technical institutes and local players will boost the online course offerings and promote the educational service sector further.

According to Rita, in order to open the legal services to the foreigners, the Commerce Ministry is planning to work closely with the Bar Council of India BCI. The Indian government is planning to take consultation from the Society for Indian Law Firms before offering the legal services to the foreign players. The government is planning to consult the Society for Indian Law Firms to open the legal services to the foreigners. 

According to the roadmap created by the Department of Commerce, firstly, multi-professional firms should be permitted to enter the sector and increase the size of their firms. The Committee of Secretaries is currently focusing on opening-up of legal and medical sector to the foreign players. Rita further added, saying that, in India, liberalization of the services sector is supposed to be slow. It should be done with a calibrated approach. The first step would be to make sure that the domestic sector is performing in an environment, which is suitable for inviting foreign players. Once the basic steps are carried out, the next step would be to avail consultation from the BCI. Currently, the Committee of Secretaries is discussing the plan with the concerned authorities. Opening-up of the legal and medical sector to the foreign player.