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Published on : Jul 20, 2015

India seems to be the ideal platform to implement technology giant Microsoft’s vision of “mobile-first, cloud-first world”. With millions of small businesses cropping up in the nation, CEO Satya Nadella’s strategy is expected to provide affordable technology to the small and medium business enterprises in the nation. On the sidelines of  the recently concluded Microsoft Worldwide Conference in Orlando, Meetul Patel, the General Manager- Small and Midmarket Solutions & Partners at Microsoft India, is certain that an increasing number of small enterprises in India are understanding the importance of technology in growing their top line and bottom line. Patel further mentioned that these small businesses in India and other developing nations have been faced with the challenges of access to technology, affordability, ability to administer technology, and its applications.

Patel pointed out that with the increased adoption of smartphones, tablets, and personal computers, technology has become affordable. Combining this new-found mobility with cloud-based applications will help enterprises in the small towns of developing nations to access same technology as that of a large bank on Wall Street. Nadella, in his address to the Microsoft Worldwide Conference, mentioned that cloud will control the ability to move from one device to another at any given meeting, thereby helping the small enterprises.

Patel further stated that this strategy will address the issues of affordability and accessibility as well as power issues that challenge the small enterprises in tier two and tier three cities of India. The technology giant’s programs such as Cloud Solution Provider will help the partners to evolve and offer solutions through the cloud. He stressed that to push the small enterprises in India to adopt technology, the solution needs to be effective, affordable, and of low maintenance. He compared that the way mobile phones revolutionized communications in India, cloud and mobility will do the same for IT in general.