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Increasing Product Launches by Major Players to Boost Gesture Recognition Market

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Published on : May 16, 2016

Gesture recognition technologies aid in enhancing and improving the way of interaction between machine and humans. These techniques have immensely improved the functioning of numerous devices and have resulted in the advancement of numerous novel application within numerous end-use industries by acting as a bridge amongst the 3D human world and the 2D machine world. The increasing demand for mobile devices, gaming systems, and consumer electronics enabled with gesture recognition techniques and the increasing applications of gesture recognition systems within defense, medical sectors, and aerospace will fuel the growth of the market for gesture recognition.

The major opportunities seen in the market are as follows:

  • Increasing Product Launches by Major Players: Various novel gesture recognition technologies are being introduced for the consumers and these have innovative technologies. Through manufacturing mobile devices including tablet computers and smartphones that are more intuitive, this market has exhibited the significance of gesture recognition technologies for ensuring user-friendliness within consumer electronics. The market has been experiencing the launch of novel ways for making machines to understand human gestures. Researchers have also taken efforts for building perfect gesture technologies having offerings and have made the field more sophisticated. A number of companies have experimented with ultrasonic waves for leveraging the potential of touch-less gesture recognition. Some other companies have taken efforts for improving the optical sensors in order to boost the significance of gesture recognition devices. 
  • Microsoft’s Launch, a Big Hit: A recognition system has been manufactured by the industry leader Microsoft. This new generation 3D gesture recognition system doesn’t even need multi touch commands. This in-air gesture recognition system has been made to work with both conventional consumer electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones and future market devices such as kitchen appliances without or with display. 

Thus, the market is poised to rise in the coming years.  However, the market also has to undergo a number of challenges such as soaring cost of development and the absence of standardization in the market. In addition, the high cost of this technology enabled devices is another factor inhibiting the growth of the market for gesture recognition systems.