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Increasing Prevalence of Mosquito-borne Diseases Drives Europe Mosquito Repellent Candles Market

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Published on : Apr 29, 2016

With the outburst of the Zika has created an emergency-like situation across the globe. The outbreak has caught the attention of healthcare practitioners around the world, including ones in Europe to prevent it from spreading further. Though Europe does not manifests serious health threats from mosquitoes, the region has identified it to be a menace that has re-emerged to pose risk to public health. To address this, public agencies are emphasizing on the need to prevent contact of the mosquitoes with animals and humans that can transmit diseases.

Recently, a warning made by the U.N. against the spread of Zika in Southern Europe accounting for the increasing influx of mosquitoes has raised concerned among individuals across European cities for diseases that are caused by mosquito bites. This is the major factor that is driving the mosquito repellant candles market in Europe. 

In 2014, France stood as the largest market for mosquito repellant candles; the region held a share of 30% in the global market in the same year. Rapid climatic upheavals in France has resulted in increased prevalence of mosquito-borne diseases that provides a favorable breeding ground for them. This, in turn, has fueled the demand for mosquito repellant candles in the country extensively. 

The market for mosquito repellant candles in the Rest of Europe will also display a steadfast growth in the future. Italy and Spain are expected to emerge as significant markets for mosquito repellant candles in this region. These factors hold promising for the growth of the Europe mosquito repellant candles market.

However, high cost of the product combined with the availability of cost-effective substitutes will be detrimental to the market’s growth in the coming years. Some of the observations pertaining to the Europe mosquito repellant candles market are as follows:

  • Sudden climatic changes has resulted in increasing prevalence of mosquito-borne diseases in Europe, this will propel the market’s growth.
  • Increasing concerns over high carbon content in these candles, however, will restrict their demand to some extent in the future.