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Increasing Number of Pregnancies to Give a Great Push to the U.S. Pregnancy Products Market

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Published on : Aug 04, 2016

Pregnancy products are designed to comfort women during their pregnancy and postpartum period. The exponential rise in population and therefore, the pregnancy rate in the US is triggering the demand for pregnancy products. As per various reports, the population growth rate of the US was 0.76% in 2015. The trend will result in a high-impact driver for the growth of the U.S. pregnancy products market. Furthermore, the growing awareness amongst the pregnant women about the advantages of these products is anticipated to back the growth of the U.S. pregnancy products market.

Increased Vulnerability to Unpleasant Changes in Body to Surge Demand for Pregnancy Products

During the recent times, women have grown more susceptible to various unpleasant pregnancy-related changes. A lot of changes occur in their skin during pregnancy such as itching, sagging, and stretch marks. Some other changes encountered are stressed legs and nipple irritation, thereby making pregnant women potential customers for these products. To lessen the negative effects of changes women are very likely to invest in various pregnancy products, therefore bolstering the growth of U.S. pregnancy products market.

Non-invasive Usage of Pregnancy Products to Boost Sales of Pregnancy Products

Pregnancy products such as stretch mark minimizer, toning/firming lotion, breast cream, body restructuring gel, itching prevention cream, stressed leg product, and nipple protection cream are registering expansive demand due to their affordable prices and non-invasive applications. Moreover, their growing popularity can be attributed to the ineffaceable impact of advertisements through print and digital marketing.

However, most of the pregnancy products have side effects that restrain the growth of the market. As a result, manufacturers are shifting their imperative focus towards natural extracts in order to eradicate the side effects these products can lead to.

Rise in Distribution Channel to Benefit the Sales of Pregnancy Products

The scope of accessibility to pregnancy products has increased with the increase in distribution channels such as supermarkets, retail stores, hypermarkets, and online stores. An increased number of distribution channels has enabled shopping for customers from a wide range of pregnancy products. Hence, augmenting the growth of the U.S. pregnancy products market.