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Increasing Landfills Drive Global Smart Waste Management Market

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Published on : May 24, 2016

Rise of manufacturing industry and unapologetic consumerism has led to overflowing landfills and a monumental issue of waste management. Municipal corporations and other city management systems are in a constant endeavor to devise better and smarter waste management plans for the area dwellers to prevent spread of disease, filth, and squalor. Today, several companies such as Covanta Energy, Suez Environment, RecycleSmart Solutions, Veolia North America, Republic Services, Enerkem, Bigbelly, and Harvest Power are marketing solutions for smart waste management.

Rising Population Triggers Growth for Smart Waste Management Market 
Smart waste management solution includes usage of smart technologies to dispose of waste. To large extent these technologies solve the issue exceptionally complicated issue of rising population across the globe and the subsequent rise in various types of wastages. The types of waste include agricultural wastage, waste from construction and demolition activities, sewage, industrial waste, and waste that is generated due to quarrying and mining activities. As these activities have risen to a large extent, the pace of waste generation has also gone up.

Growth of Smart Technologies to Define Waste Management Systems
In recent years, waste management has become easier and economical due to deployment of smart technologies in this area. Owing to these reasons the global smart waste management market is expected to witness remarkable demand from industrial bodies, municipalities, and other companies operating in this market.

Technological Advancements to Drive Global Market
The increasing technological advancements used in smart waste management systems such as fuel switching, global positioning systems-enabled (GPS) routing, radio frequency identification (RFID), and pneumatic tubes is also expected fuel the growth of this market. The methods used for processing the waste are mechanical biological treatments through refuse-derived fuel production facilities and advanced material recovery facilities.

Currently, developed regions of Europe and North America are leading the global smart waste management due to supportive regulatory framework that is encouraging players to manage landfilling, massive space for disposing waste, and expensive tipping charges for landfilling.