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Increasing Investment in Research and Development Activities Boosts Global Healthcare Cleanroom Consumables Market

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Published on : Jan 04, 2016

Cleanroom consumables are an indispensable part of the healthcare industries, since they help to keep pollutants at bay, thereby preventing deterioration or any interference to the overall quality of production. Cleanroom in a healthcare institution has a highly controlled environment with low levels of pollutants such as dust, chemical vapors, and microorganisms. Healthcare cleanroom consumables include devices and products that enable maintaining a pollutant-free environment in hospitals and healthcare institutions. The overall investment on the research and development of novel devices and therapeutics aiming to deliver a contaminant free ambience in healthcare institutions has significantly increased. The global market for healthcare cleanroom consumables is therefore, poised to exhibit an exponential growth in the forthcoming years due to increased frequency of research and development activities worldwide, coupled with implementation of stringent norms mandating the maintenance of certain standard and quality in the healthcare industry. 

Among the various products available in the global market healthcare cleanroom consumables the most widely demanded includes apparel, gloves, wipers, adhesive mats, cleaning products, and cleanroom stationery. Of these, gloves account for a major share of the market. Gloves have emerged as the most commonly used healthcare cleanroom consumables, with nitrile gloves emerging as the most widely used variant of the same. 

Regionally, North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World constitute the global market for healthcare cleanroom consumables. Among these regions, North America and Europe collectively holds 64.0% of the global market for healthcare cleanroom consumables, driven by the easy access to strong technical expertise in cleanroom consumables. 

However, due to the potential exhibited by the emerging economies in Asia Pacific, prominent companies are shifting their focus on the region as developed markets reach their maturity. Growing disposable income and rapid expansion of the healthcare sector boosts the healthcare cleanroom consumables market in Asia Pacific. 

KM Corporation, Micronova Manufacturing, Inc., Nitritex Ltd., Contec, Inc., Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Micronclean Limited, Valutek, DuPont, and Illinois Tool Works, Inc. are few of the major companies operating the global market for healthcare cleanroom consumables. 

India, Japan, and China are the most lucrative markets for healthcare cleanroom consumables in Asia Pacific.