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Increasing Innovation in Water Purifying Technologies Benefits Global Water Purifier Market

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Published on : Apr 28, 2016

Water is essential for survival and all living beings depend on it. Although water cover more than 71% of our planet, much of it is polluted or contain high amounts of salts that calls for efficient treatment. This has aroused the interest of independent researchers, non-governmental organizations, and big corporations alike for water purification pursuits.

For decades this trends has been fueling growth of the water purifier market and it is expected to be major factor shaping growth of this market in the future as well. 

Some of the key innovations that have been observed in the global water purifier market with their USPs are as follows:

  • Cheap US$20 Water Purifier developed by 18-Year Old Perry Alagappan: Developed in August in 2015, the water purifier developed by American teenager Perry Alagappan removes heavy metals from water. The filter in the purifier is built using graphene nanotubes that can be cleaned and reused. The purifier is capable of removing 99% heavy metal impurities. This innovation felicitated Alagappan with the Stockholm Junior Water Prize.
  • Tanzanian Chemical Engineer Invents Nanotechnology and Sand Water Purifier: An inventor, chemical engineer from Tanzania, Askwar Hilonga, used nanotechnology and sand for purifying water. This brought him a award from UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering. The filter in the purifier absorbs fluoride to bacteria to pesticides; it removes 97% of micro-organisms that are present in water.
  • Highly Effective Purifier from Cuckoo in South Korea: Cuckoo, has developed a nano-positive filter, which is an element of a 6-stage filtration unit that removes 99.99% of bacteria and virus from water. This filter eliminates other harmful substances such as heavy metals from water, keeping up its mineral content.
  • SteriPEN for Backpackers and the U.S. Military: Hydro Photon has developed a handheld device called SteriPEN. The water purifier utilizes UV light to eliminate harmful microorganisms. The product is aimed at backpackers and travelers and is also used by the U.S. army. The device purifies a liter of pond water in 90 seconds.