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Increasing Incidence of Hospital-Acquired Infection Fuels Demand from Global Disinfectors Market

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Published on : Jan 18, 2016

The growing incidence of hospital-acquired infection (HAI) has raised alarm globally. While several factors have been noted to bolster the prevalence of HAI, the inefficient disinfection in healthcare facilities is identified as a primary factor fuelling demand from the global disinfectors market. Disinfection is an important procedure performed across hospitals, healthcare facilities, and clinics to ensure proper hygiene standards in their campus and to prevent the occurrence of HAI. 

Using medical instruments that are unclean or not properly sterilized can lead to HAI and may have adverse effects in patients. The use of disinfectors has therefore, significantly increased over the past few years. 

Due to the growing prevalence of chronic ailments around the world, the number of surgical interventions performed across hospitals and healthcare institutes has also increased. This according to survey conducted to study the trajectory exhibited by the global disinfectors market, will provide substantial opportunities for the leading enterprises operating in the market to capitalize on in the near future. Furthermore, the stringent regulations enforced across nations to ensure proper healthcare standard also boosts the use of disinfectors across hospitals and healthcare clinics. The most common disinfectors available in the market include endoscope reprocessors, flusher disinfectors, and washer disinfectors. Of these, the demand for endoscope reprocessors and washer disinfectors will significantly increase over the forthcoming years. The market for disinfectors will also gain momentum from growing prevalence of chronic illnesses and the increasing use of endoscopes and medical instruments. 

The key end use segments of the global disinfectors market include life-science companies, clinics, elder care, hospitals, laboratories, and healthcare facilities. The demand for disinfectors from hospitals and clinics is likely to surge exponentially over the coming years. The growing number of hospitals around the world, coupled with favorable government policies boosting the healthcare sector will fuel demand from the global disinfectors market. 

Among the leading regional markets Europe and North America accounted for a dominant share of 70% in the global disinfector market in 2013. However, according to reports published growth of the disinfectors market in Asia Pacific is likely to be the highest over the next five years.