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Increasing Consumer Awareness about Ill Effects of Gluten Drives Global Gluten-free Products Market

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Published on : Feb 15, 2016

For many, cutting out gluten from their regular diet becomes a Herculean task. It becomes a frustrating challenge as there aren’t many tasty food items left and the hunger is never truly satiated. However, in recent past, several top players such as Hain Celestial Group Inc, Dr Schar AG/SpA, Boulder Brands Inc., Mrs Crimble’s, and Enjoy Life Foods LLC among others have introduced a wide range of gluten-free products that are healthy to eat and good to taste. 

Reasons Why People Quit Gluten
Gluten is protein, which is mainly found in barley, rye, wheat, and other grains that are consumed in a staple diet. This protein is known to cause several health complications such as celiac disease and gluten-intolerance. Gluten also causes several health issues for those who are unaware of their gluten intolerance, which has become an additional reason for many to choose gluten-free food items over gluten food products.

Product Innovation Drives Gluten-free Products Market
Product innovation and impactful marketing strategies are the two reasons that are propelling the growth of the global gluten-free products market. As manufacturers are trying to retain the taste of the food items, especially bakery items, of the gluten-free product, the segment is attracting several weight-conscious people as well.

Improved Labelling Propels Gluten-free Products Market
This market is also being driven by correct labelling of products, improving signage, strategic product placement, and enhanced shelf-life of the products. Furthermore, introduction of a wide range of privately labelled products and local products is also helping the global gluten-free market reach newer heights of success.

The growing consumer awareness about ill effects of consuming gluten is also pushing this market to achieve better revenue. The increasing disposable income and improving economies are also making their generous contributions to the growth of this market. Currently, Europe leads the overall gluten-free market, with North America following the trail quite closely.