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Increasing Awareness of Hair Health to Drive Global Hairbrushes Market

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Published on : Jun 29, 2016

Grooming has become an important part of the daily activities. An integral part of grooming is hairstyling, which has become a niche market by itself. The growing urbanization and lifestyles that are dictated by certain fashion statements have been generously boosting this market is the past few years. Owing to these reasons, hairbrushes market has also picked up pace as they are used by salons and individuals for styling hair, straightening, smoothening, and detangling them. The global hairbrushes market includes a variety of hairbrushes, which are crafted purely on the basis of needs of the consumers.

Growing Awareness of Hygiene to Drive Global Market
The global hairbrushes market is being driven due to the growing awareness about hygiene amongst users and increasing number of scalp problems such as hair loss and dandruff. Regular usage of hairbrushes improves blood circulation, thereby reducing hair loss. Furthermore, as it helps in detangling, it also helps in keep the hair fairly clean, thereby reducing the chances of dandruff.

Synthetic Bristle Hairbrushes to Gain Momentum
The various types of hairbrushes available in the overall market depend on the type of bristles, body of the brush, and the design. The types of bristles used for making hairbrushes are hybrid, synthetic, and natural. The body of the hairbrush is made up of plastic, tourmaline, or porcelain. Depending on the design of the brush, the market is segmented into cushion, wet and vented, round brushes, and cushion. The plummeting prices of synthetic brushes are likely to boost this segment in the coming years.

Infrared Hairbrushes to Revolutionize Overall Market
Analysts predict that the introduction of infrared hairbrushes are going to create a huge stir in the overall market. Infrared brushes will provide heat to the scalp there by offering a complete massage to the user while brushing hair. These brushes are also expected to boost the blood circulation of the scalp, thereby helping hair growth and improving the quality of hair.