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Increasing Adoption of Eco-friendly Materials Benefits Sustainable Packaging Market

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Published on : Mar 23, 2016

Presently, waste management and curbing pollution are on top of the developmental agenda of major economies around the world. This includes pursuits that are in the scope of sustainable development, may be for energy production, packaging solution et al. Sustainable packaging is predominantly driven by stringent government regulations in place that compels manufacturers to adopt sustainable packaging solutions over the ones traditionally used. This is also aided by increasing awareness among consumers for using environment-friendly and sustainable materials.

In matters of competition, manufacturing companies are using sustainable materials for packaging, which differentiates them from competitors. Hence, manufacturing companies receive the advantage of a different marketing strategy and also receive an edge from a competitive viewpoint. The use of sustainable packaging that can be recycled and reused has other advantages of lowering operational cost and converting the proposition into a gainful pay-off. 

On the contrary, in emerging economies the use of sustainable packaging is still in developmental stage. This is because the lack of an effective ecosystem that allows both regulators and consumes to work coherently for sustainable development are the reasons for this. 

Year over year, with advancing technology the packaging industry has been influenced to be more robust, innovative, widespread, and tangible. Not all technological advancements convert into lasting impressions while the rest fade away with trial and error. The packaging industry is one of the industries that is reaping the benefits of advancing technology – the strongest field leading in sustainability, innovation, and safety.

Popularly viewed and utilized as a marketing vehicle, protecting the product is the most critical role of packaging. For example, food packaging helps maintain proper temperature, prevents bacterial growth, communicate nutritional information to consumers, and enable retailer to track and trace the product to the original source. The other advantage of packaging lies in promoting sustainability by way of protecting and enhancing shelf life of foods and also by encouraging recyclability as the packaging nears an end.

In the bid to connect innovation with opportunity, innovators and suppliers are continually making efforts with technology providers to develop creative and sustainable packaging solutions to bring for end users.