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Increased Shelf Life and Reduced Spoilage of Food Benefits Specialty Ingredients Market

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Published on : Apr 27, 2016

Specialty ingredients are utilized in foods and beverages and health and nutrition products. These ingredients are also used in cosmetics and in products that are used for personal care. These ingredients are used to add a particular benefit to the product’s core recipe, thus making it advantageous for both consumers and manufacturers. Improved taste, longer shelf life, better visual appeal, enhanced texture, increased nutrition are some of the benefits that specialty ingredients offer.

Specialty ingredients such as acids, flavors, citric acid, vinegar, salts, antioxidants, flavor enhancers, starch, and corn syrup solids are utilized in a range of foods and beverages for increased shelf life and for preserving freshness, flavor, and nutritional content. This in turn helps to avoid wastage of food due to souring of dairy products, bacterial growth, and degeneration of food in general. Foods and beverages are susceptible to perishing due to a combination of factors such as humidity and high temperatures, which are conducive for microbial growth. As such, the addition of specialty ingredients increases shelf life of food and saves large quantity of food from being discarded. Typically, two or more specialty ingredients are added in food products for enhancing food quality and reducing chances of spoilage.

Top manufacturers of specialty ingredients are striving to develop newer specialty ingredients that can increase the shelf life of cosmetics and personal care products. The specialty ingredients market is also receiving a boost due to high importance for maintaining young look among individuals. This is resulted in an increased demand for anti-aging products; however, the negative effects of chemical-laden skin care products is leading to higher adoption of products that have natural specialty ingredients free of chemicals.  The demand for natural specialty ingredients such as antioxidants, antimicrobials, additives, and other similar ingredients is bolstering growth of the global specialty ingredients market. Consequently, synthetic specialty ingredients are being substituted with natural specialty ingredients, particularly in Indonesia, China, India, and South Korea.