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Improper Management of Custom Processes in UK Might Risk Food Shortages by Brexit

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Published on : Aug 30, 2017

Brexit brings dangers of food scarcity if the UK does not figure out how to get its customs processes dealt with, the British Retail Consortium has cautioned. Although, Brexit campaigners said innovation and technology is for everyone and not to be held-up at borders A UK government representative said that the UK's future association with the EU would work in favor for everybody. More than seventy five percent of food imported by the UK originates from European Union nations. All imports will be secured by new custom processes once the UK leaves the EU.

Dexeu to Enter into a Partnership with the EU to Benefit Business and Consumers Both

As said by BRC in a report pointing out the motive for upcoming custom processes that hang-ups, extra costs, or interruption is expected to result in more wastage, less availability of food on the shelves and increased prices. The BRC also cautioned that If the UK leaves the EU without a agreement on a future trading tie-ups with a "no deal" situation that is likely to develop a delay of three days at posts, or without a transitional period to execute the new system, it could bring about major postponements in getting perishable items, for example, food across borders. However, a spokesperson for Department for Exiting the European Union has claimed that as discussed with Prime Minister, there are going to enter into a special partnership or agreement with the EU that would benefit the business and the consumers at the same time in the EU and the UK.