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Immigration Visa & Defense in Menu as Modi Meets Trump

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Published on : Jun 23, 2017

How many times has Narendra Modi visited the U.S. since becoming India’s PM on May 26, 2014? Inside three years at India’s most powerful position, Mr. Modi has been to the U.S. four times, with the fifth one slotted for the last week of June 2017. However, this visit will be significantly different, as he meets talismanic new U.S. President Donald Trump on June 26, while all previous Modi’s visits were when Mr. Barack Obama was ruling the White House.

Ever since his Presidential campaign to the first year as his country’s leader, Mr. Trump has proven his no-nonsense attitude but make no mistake, Modi is a man of action himself. As these two leaders of world’s biggest democracies meet on Monday, immigration visas for Indian tech workers to the U.S. and defense should dominate the talks, although diplomacy is expected to restrict this meet to merely a stepping stone towards building a rapport.

Modi May Aim to Negotiate New U.S. Immigration Policies

A large part of India’s prosperity owes it to the aggressive investments made in the country by the U.S. companies in the past two decades, exploiting the technology workforce and spreading urbanization in return. While outsourcing of knowledge continues in full swing, revised immigration policies by the Republican Party, mostly as a precautionary measure against apparent terrorism issues, has restricted India’s technology professionals from gaining work visas to the U.S. One of the primary goals of PM Modi on this 2017 trip will be to convince President Trump that India is

China’s growing dominance in Asia Pacific, Pakistan-supported terrorism, and defense are some of the other important subjects anticipated to be discussed during the meet. India are rumored to be interested in buying 100 armed Predator drones from the U.S., as well as in developing nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Mr. Modi may also aspire to seek assurances on the Defense Technology and Trade Initiative, which means U.S. arms technology outsourced to ‘Make in India’ program.