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Immatics GmbH Spends US$60 Mn for Immatics US Spin-out

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Published on : Aug 28, 2015

The University of Texas and German biotech Immatics spent around US$60 million on spin-out to treat cancer. Immatics US specializes in the adoptive cellular therapies (ACT).  

The new company has received more than US$40 million from German parent company and is projected to be based in Houston, Texas. The company has also received a grant of approximately US$19.7 million from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. 

This new business into healthcare is planned for the development of autologous as well as allogenic ACT therapies T-cell tech from the parent company Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH. Moreover, the T-cell tech expertise will be from MD Anderson Cancer Center based in Texas. 

ACT therapies involve transmission of cells into a patient. This transferring depends on whether they are originally from the individual’s body, which is the autologous treatment or from an external source (allogenic). 

The CAR T-cell treatments are considered to be among the fastest-growing list of therapies in this field. 

Immatics US will utilize the Xpresident platform to develop T-cell receptor-based methods and explore novel cancer targets. 

According to the company, the cancer targets will be safe and efficacious owing to the specificity of its novel targets, including cancer-testis, over-expressed, and neo-antigens that are ideally suited for safe and specific ACT approaches. 

The CEO of the company further commented that they had held back due to a lack of new targets. They have been into this business for the last 15 years and have gained a broad and in-depth foothold into understanding the immunopeptidome of tumor and other normal tissue cells. Due to this unique expertise they have discovered abundant novel immunotherapy targets that are expected to be the future of the Immatics US, Inc.    

Immatics US has also led several complementary development programs guided by most of the exceptional scientists in the field of cancer immunotherapy across the globe.