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Images Reveal Chinese Construction on Man-made Island Nears Completion

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Published on : Jul 07, 2015

An airstrip which is 3,000 meter long being built by Beijing on a reef on South China Sea which is under dispute, is almost complete.

The airstrip is planned to be long enough to have place for most military aircraft of China, as commented by security experts, which will enable greater reach for Beijing into the center of maritime Southeast Asia.

As commented by an U.S. spokesperson, the construction carried by China will be challenging for the U.S. as well as the regional countries that have been trying to deter China from having military control on these islands.
In a statement made last week by the Deputy Secretary of State of the U.S., construction activities by China in the South China Sea presents threat to peace and stability, and the situation was compared to Russia’s position in Ukraine.

Neighboring countries such as Philippines and several other are engaged in territorial disputes with China on the Spratly Islands issue, where China has regained land and constructed various facilities, which also includes an airstrip.

China accused Philippines of spreading wrong information and creating an image of a victim, which is over their dispute on South China Sea, post broadcast of a three part documentary by Manila defending its position.
 It is speculated two helipads, likely a radar tower, and ten in number satellite communications antennae are already constructed on the reclaimed land by China.

As per AMTI, the land reclamation had ended after five or seven islands, images that were taken between June 5 and June 10 reveal reclamation continues on Zamora Reef which is off Palawan and Panganiban also known as Mischief Reef.

The images also reveal the main airstrip was under process of being marked and paved.

Also, in the midst of Fiery Cross Reef a lake has been filled, which has a partially developed port having nine in number temporary loading piers.