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Illinois Bans Microbeads in Concern for Environment

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Published on : Jun 10, 2014

Illinois is considered as the first state in the union to ban the use of microbeads. Mirobeads are the tiny bits of plastic found in consumer products like skin exfoliates and soap. 

According to the worldwide environmentalists, when microbeads wash down the drain they\'re normally missed by filtration systems, only meaning they become food to fish and other wildlife, reports NPR\'s Cheryl Corley. 

Cheryl filed the following report for the Newscast unit:

Scientists say after fish and other organisms eat the tiny bits of plastic - usually listed as polyethylene or polypropylene on labels - toxins could be passed on to humans and wildlife.

Studies have found thousands and even millions of the tiny particles per square kilometer in the Great Lakes.

The Illinois law bans the manufacture of microbeads in consumer products by the end of 2017. Some companies, like Johnson & Johnson, are already phasing them out in facial cleansers and other products and are testing alternatives.

The legislation was signed by Quinn who later commented that Illinois was the biggest illustration for the rest of the country. 

There are many rivers and lakes across our state including Lake Michigan that is considered amongst the most critical natural resources. Quinn added that he wants to do everything possible to safeguard them.