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Hyundai Launches Finger Print Technology to Replace Car Keys

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Published on : Dec 31, 2018

Hyundai has probably made the most revolutionary stride in the domain of car security and safety by introducing biometric sensors that can bring car engines to life. This technology comes at a time when several automobile manufacturers including BMW and Volvo have introduced specialised car keys, passwords, and other similar technologies. However, the use of fingerprints to start the car’s engine is believed to be the most unique technology amongst all other technologies that were introduced until now. The incidence of car thefts has been rising in recent times because the cloning of car keys has become easy and susceptible. Hence, the new technology involving biometric sensing for starting cars would substantially enhance the credibility of Hyundai.

Improving Automobile Security

The technology introduced by Hyundai has been rolled out in its latest car, Santa Fe that would be available for sale in China. The technology essentially consists of a fingerprint detector that can start the engine, and hence, the need for car keys in these models has become secondary. Furthermore, the sensor can also help in adjusting the side-view mirrors and seat position according to the driver’s preference.

Key Advancements in Car-Locking Technology

The use of metallic keys has become passé, and most cars now come with wireless fobs that can unlock cars and start the engine. Furthermore, the needs, demands, and expectations of the customers have also matured as they become inclined towards the use of cars with pinpoint security. Hence, the biometric sensor technology introduced by Hyundai is expected to be embraced the by customers with ‘open arms’.