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Hydrogen-rich Water: The Latest Launch by HFactor

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Published on : Aug 19, 2015

Nowadays, most savvy consumers are trying out newer alternatives to functional beverages that are fortified with minerals and vitamins. The world of functional beverages is witnessing a shift towards hydrogen rich water. Gail Levy, the founder of HFactor has been to several regions all across the globe and conducted extensive research on finding out the science behind water that is rich in hydrogen. 

This hydrogen rich water industry contributes substantially to the market in Asia because of its claim of being rich in antioxidants. This led her to create the HFactor with the help of laboratories in the U.S. and even Europe for capturing hydrogen at higher levels. Hydrogen at such levels are stable, efficacious, and retain the water’s integrity. HFactor makes use of a manufacturing technique that is patent-pending in order to infuse hydrogen in water naturally. This beverage is contained in a specially manufactured aluminum vessel in order to the hydrogen inside, since hydrogen has a tendency to escape through glass and plastics. 

There were numerous false starts to trying out such a product and the entire testing process proved to be highly arduous and complex. The industry for hydrogen rich water is a growing market in the Asian region for quite a few years now. Levy is of the opinion that the introduction of this product in the U.S. market will also prove to be beneficial and gainful. It were the Japanese who first began the testing of the molecular effects of hydrogen on wellness and health. Since then, the concept of hydrogen based water has been gaining a lot of importance. 

Researchers have been studying hydrogen based water and its effects on human health for quite some time now. Industry specialists point to the fact that flavored water and functional beverages cannot be healthy if they are loaded with chemicals and sugars in addition to the nutrients.