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Huawei Signs a New Project with Syria to Design Strategy for Information and Communication Technology

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Published on : Oct 28, 2015

Most of the companies will think twice before signing a mega deal with Damascus. Huawei, China’s largest telecommunication equipment manufacturing company recently signed a project with Syria to design a strategy for information and communication technology. The project also includes construction of broadband network for providing internet services to the people across Syria. This is not the first time that Huawei has worked with an authoritarian Middle Eastern government. In 2011, Huawei had signed an agreement with Iran’s leading mobile phone company to install equipment. This project was signed with an intension to develop a system that would track people’s locations through their mobile phone signals. 

China’s deal with Syria is until 2020 and includes a long term as well as a short term plan to develop telecommunication infrastructure in Syria which was damaged by a five-year civil war. The future of Syria and their dictator is still in doubt irrespective of the efforts taken by Vladimir Putin. Still, China’s telecom company is willing to sign deep ties with Syria and take a risk. Huawei is primarily targeting North Africa and the Middle East to expand its telecommunication equipment manufacturing business and consumer technology services including video players and smart phones. 

Huawei has a strong track record with respect to telecommunication infrastructure across developing and developed markets across the globe. William Plummer, vice president and spokesman of Huawei stated that the firm company operates in 170 countries. Huawei has been signing telecommunication projects in countries where there is less infrastructure as compared to the developed countries. Amy Cameron, a senior analyst with BMI Research said that Huawei has developed long-term partnerships with the Middle East and Africa governments. By signing contracts with some of the leading telecommunication service providers in Syria, Huawei is aiming to build land-based fiber optic networks and LTE wireless networks.