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How the Basics of AI can help in Increasing Capabilities of Marketing Analytics

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Published on : Oct 09, 2018

The world is experiencing various technological advancements such as artificial intelligence, data science, virtual and augmented reality. But how much are we using these technologies to benefit ourselves? The underlying fact behind all these technologies is that they all run on algorithms. Algorithms are used to help solve the problems faced by humans and come up with solutions.  Let us understand this by taking an example of how AI is used in marketing analytics or how much AI is changing ways marketing analytics is done.

Firstly marketing is something that helps a company or a brand to connect with its’ customers. Here the use of AI should not be limited to provide larger customer base through algorithms but to how exactly it can reach and personally make an effort to connect with the customers. This is achievable, by perceiving it in a more enlightened manner and by actually reaching and understanding its basics.

AI is a basic tool that helps us answering questions. This is supported by a tagline “Stop buying 'analytics.' It's time to invest in answers". The tagline of Teradata, which is a company that uses cutting-edge technology in business analytics, AI, and advanced data science, and it is a partner of the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiatives.  Indeed, the phrase does state that AI in marketing is a means to an end, where the end is valuable answers to questions about your business.