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How Organic Food Can Help in Reducing Risk of Cancer

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Published on : Oct 24, 2018

A Study published in JAMA Internal Medicine finds that the people who consume organic food are less prone to cancer. Moreover, they were also less susceptible to postmenopausal breast cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma when compared to those who barely eat organic food. 

The study was conducted by an epidemiologist Julia Baudry, working at the National Institute for Health and Medical Research in France. The researchers focused on the diet of 68,946 French adults. Depending on their intake of 16 organic food that consists of various vegetable and fruits, meat and fish, and others. After more than four and a half years, at least 1,340 volunteers developed cancers. 

After calculating the organic food scores with cancer cases, the researcher analyzed that people who consumed organic food on regular basis were 25% less likely to develop cancer. More specifically, they were 21% and 73% volunteers were less prone to develop post-menopausal breast cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma respectively. 

The authors also found that people who ate low or medium quality of food yet consumed organic food experienced less risk of cancer. The implication drawn out of this research was the reduction in consumption of organic food helped individuals to minimize the risk of cancer. 

However, there are few drawbacks of this study that might be considered in future studies states Dr. Jorge E. Chavarro, an associate professor at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in the Department of Nutrition. He also added by saying that low consumption of organic food is also because of social and economic factors and not all non-organic can be considered as same.