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How Flying Cars are Helping Fight against Climate Change?

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Published on : Apr 12, 2019

According to a report, flying cars are the solution to the existing traffic congestion. The report predicts that these futuristic vehicles can be a good medium to commute for users and benefit the environment. However, they are good only if they are used in long distance trips with several carpool travelers.

According to Akshat Kasliwal, he was surprised to see the potential that flying cars can bring on the table. Especially when it was believed that flying vehicles will at all have any role in sustainable mobility. Although, the commercial flying car is yet to takeoff in the next few years. However, engineers are working hard and have their plans ready for development of their prototype of flying car. These flying cars are commonly known as vertical takeoff and landing aircraft or VTOLs.

Why Researchers Think Flying Cars are Best for Long Trips?

Researchers conducted a number of tests before deducing that VTOLs will be optimum in long distance trips. Firstly, they took note of the emissions that every car would produce. For a trip of 35 km or 22 miles, regular electric car’s emission was much less than the flying car. However, on a trip of 100 km or 60 miles, the VTOLs emission was remarkably less.

Further, when the number of passengers was taken into consideration, the collective results were in the favor of flying cars. The greenhouse emissions were 52% and 6% cleaner than regular and electric cars respectively.

The report suggests that the VTOLs will be sustainable in ride-share module taxi service. Further, the ability to reach their destination faster will motivate passengers to use VTOLs. Also, VTOLs are more efficient and eco-friendly with renewable source instead of regular propulsion fuels.