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Hottest Trends in Food in the Americas, Rising Preference for Seafood and Uncommon Meats

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Published on : Feb 09, 2016

In 2014, it has been observed that Americans bought less canned foods. With the recovery in economy, Americans are preferring healthier options. There has been a rapid rise towards wholesome and healthy foods amongst Americans. The prime trends in food within the Americas have been elaborated as under:

  • Preference for Seafood and Uncommon Meats: The seafood and meats which were overlooked at first have become more main-stream now because of the increasing trends towards the reduction of food waste. Cuts such as Denver steaks, pork-T-bone chop, and sirloin top, and a number of other sustainable species in seafood including wild-caught blue catfish and paiche are amongst the type of proteins that have gained a lot of traction.
  • Preference for Alternative Flour: These days people are highly inclined towards gluten-free flours which are manufactured from legumes, teff, ancient, amaranth, and nuts. In addition, chickpea flour is gaining popularity, while a number of other legume-based flours are being utilized in bean-based pastas as well as packaged foods.
  • Emergence of Canned Wine: People are more inclined towards convenient ways to drink their beverages, hence the introduction of canned wine. The cans made of aluminum present portable, convenient, and easy-to-refrigerate option that is very well suited for active or single servings as well as outdoor lifestyles. 
  • Dehydrated Foods: It has been observed that the preference for kale chips is on the decline while consumers are preferring Kimchi, parsnip and broccoli crisps, and brussel sprouts in the Americas. A number of sophisticated jerkies made from bison, chicken, and salmon have also gained traction within Americans.
  • Shift Towards Grass Fed and Plant-Based: Grass-fed thing has been gaining traction in the Americas and inclusive of meat has also moved towards eggs, milk, butter, yoghurt, cheese, butter, and protein powders. In addition, plants are being utilized within a broad range of products such as popsicles and shampoos. 
  • Emergence of Probiotics and Fermented Foods: Foods such as gochujang and kimchi will always gain traction while innovative products such as chiogga beet kraut as well as non-dairy tonics will be adding variety in the Americas.

Hence, the high content of sodium and the canned or preserved food’s taste doesn’t coincide with the vision of the Americans for healthy foods and the emergence of the new food trends in the Americas will set new food patterns in forthcoming years.

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