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Hope of New Ebola Drug Shines Bright amongst Affected Regions

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Published on : Jun 21, 2017

The rise of Ebola over the years has prompted several pharmaceutical companies and scientists to invest in development of vaccines. This lethal disease severely hit Africa and newer cases of it have been reported in India as well. However, on a brighter note, an Ebola virus disease (EVD) vaccine is being developed in Canada and is currently in its phase 1 randomized controlled trial. It was noted that high number of antibodies were present in the participants who were immunized six months earlier.

Vaccine under Trial Shows Minimal Signs of Safety Concerns

This sparks a new hope for several across the world. The trial is being conducted in an expeditious manner to commercialize the drug at the earliest. So far the results have been promising as participants have shown good tolerance toward the vaccines with no sign of safety concerns. At the most, the patients suffered from diarrhea, headache, and fatigue between mild to moderate level. The safety of the vaccine will be tested amongst HIV-infected adults and adolescents as well. At the end of phase 3 of the trial it was noted that drug was capable of preventing occurrence of EVD in recently confirmed cases.

The aggressiveness of these trials indicates the urgency of these drugs in the most affected areas of the world. Furthermore, increasing efforts by the governments to prevent endemics is also likely to bolster the funding received by organizations and companies engaged in such research. Presently, the vaccine is being tried and tested by the Canadian National Microbiology Laboratory of the Public Health Agency of Canada.