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Hong Kong Retains its Position as the Most Popular Destination for Japan Food Export

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Published on : Jul 22, 2015

Since long the demand for Japanese food in Hong Kong has only increased and today it has become one of the largest international destinations to savor the best of Japanese cuisine. According to the Japan External Trade Organization, the weakening yen is the main reason behind Hong Kong’s lead as Japanese food destination. 

Last year the city in mainland China had imported HK$8.48 million worth of food products from Japan that accounted for 22 per cent of the total export volume of Japan. Moreover, the number recorded last year registered an increase of 7.5 per cent compared to that of 2013. 

The director general of the Japan External Trade Organization in Hong Kong, Hiroshi Onomura earlier said that the depreciation of yen attracts an increasing number of tourists to Japan that also gives these tourists to learn and know more about the Japanese cuisine culture and Japan’s food produce. He also added that the export of Japanese food to Hong Kong underwent a downturn following the devastating earthquake of 2011, tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Onomura also requested the residents of Hong Kong to not to worry regarding the quality of food products imported from Japan because they ensure that the products undergo a thorough radiation check before they are dispatched for export. Moreover, he also insisted that there can be no problem with the produce however, since the Japanese Government is very strict about maintaining the quality of products that they export. Moreover, he also said ones the food exported from Japan reaches Hong Kong, it undergoes another radiation check conducted by the Health Department of Hong Kong. 

The most popular Japanese food available in Hong Kong includes vegetables and fruits, sake and ramen. However, the top three products on the basis of export value are scallops, biscuits, and sea cucumber.