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Hong Kong Charts 1st Ever Yellow Fever Reaction Case

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Published on : Apr 17, 2015

Following the report of US Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention (CDC) of occurrence of viscerotropic disease that is associated with yellow fever vaccine in an Oregon woman, Department of Health of the Hong Kong Drug Office has reported 1st occurrence of the disease.

The patient, who is 65 years old and had good health history, exhibited delirium and fever, was rushed to for emergency services exactly nine days after taking the yellow fever vaccine on account of preparing for a tour to South America.

Viscerotropic disease that is associated with yellow fever vaccine is a very rare occurrence after administering first immunization for the yellow fever vaccine. The onset of the reaction is visible in 10 days of administering and pathological reaction is marked by severe multiple organ failure having fatality risk of more than 60%. Some of the risk factors associated with the vaccine to have reaction are history of thymus diseases such as thymectomy or thymoma and age above 60 years.

As per the health department, the patient received a dosage of the vaccine in preparation for a leisure tour to Peru and Brazil that are endemic prone regions, after thorough understanding of benefits and risks.

The patient is reported to have developed malaise and fever five days after receiving the vaccine and a small trip to Mainland China. The condition deteriorated with condition of high fever and delirium. At hospital admission, examination showed derailed liver function but no abnormalities in brain function. 

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